Opening Mantra

The Opening Prayer is a blessing of gratitude offered to the lineage of teachers and their students who have enabled this ancient practice to survive through thousands of years so that we can experience its benefits today. The recitation of this mantra cleanses the energy of the space we have chosen to practice yoga, as well as preparing the mind, body and emotions for the forthcoming Ashtanga sequence.



Vande gurunam charanaravinde sandarshita svatma sukhavabodhe

nihsreyase jangalikayamane samsara halahala mohashantyai

abahu purushakaram shankhacakrasi dharinam

sahasra sirasam svetam pranamami patanjalim





I bow to the lotus feet of the Gurus the awakening happiness of one’s own Self revealed,

which are the refuge, the jungle physician,
 which eliminate the delusion caused by the poisonous of Samsara.

I prostrate before the sage Patanjali
 who has thousands of radiant white heads

and who has, as far as his arms, assumed the form of a man
holding a conch shell (divine sound), a wheel (discus of light or infinite time) and a sword (discrimination).



Closing Mantra

The Closing Prayer brings the practice to a peaceful end; sealing in the work done and offering the efforts of our practice to improve the state of the world.



Svasthiprajabhyaha paripalayantam

nyayena margena mahim mahishaha

gobrahmanebhyaha shubamastu nityam

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti Shanti Shantih




May all be well with mankind

May the leaders of the earth protect in every way by keeping to the right path

May there be goodness for those who know the earth to be sacred

May all the worlds be happy.

Om peace, peace, peace